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Master Your Life And Business 

For those who seek to be the best in their game.

My name is Alex Ftoulis and for the very first time I present you, the "VIP coaching single and annual sessions", private sessions designed for those who seek extra boost and support in their personal journey. If you join us today you will:

  • Advance faster in your personal transformation that any general online course.
  • Master your business skills and conquer financial goals.
  • Remove inner and external limitations and unleash your true potential.
  • Enrich your personal and business relationships.
  • Fully detox your body and mind with a vast variety of tools and methods.
  • Get daily support by an array of professionals during all your sessions for all topics. 

The VIP Sessions

There is nothing more powerful than details, and this is how we create  succesfull high achievers in all over the world.

What You'll Get With The VIP Session:

Only 20X Single Sessions Per Month Available BOOK FAST!

Before and during the sessions we are going into a deep analysis of many elements and information that are vital to your progress and success and we also offer extra services such as:

  • Natal and Human Design Chart Analysis.
  • FSR Reprogramming (Family,Social,Religious Programming).*
  • Physical And Mental State Analysis. 
  • R.O.O.T and R.O.P methods of subconscious rerogramming.
  • IamVIP Team (Yoga, Reiki, Spa, Hair Stylist, Masseurs, MakeUp Artists) +extra charge.
  • Pulsative Shiatsu Reiki And Distant Healing.
  • Matrix Mechanics (Problem Solving Tool.)

*Partial analysis. For a compete analysis use the Annual VIP program.

Clients Testimonials

"Alex is a very passionate person for his work and committed to his work and customers.
He is very effective in what he is doing and if you hire him as a coach you won't regret it! He does wonders!
Apart of being very professional he's also a very warm hearted person and it's my honor to call him my friend and coach! I owe him a lot as he helped me and still does with such great results!! He can make your dreams come true but have one thing in mind, follow his instructions by letter and be also committed on that and then you can see great things happening and your life changing for the best!"  -Zoe Af.

"At first I wasn't sure but I had nothing to loose as I wanted to move on with my life. Alex discovered the exact reasons of my limitations and with only 3 sessions not only I fixed my issue but I now have a beautiful new relationship that came out of nowhere! You really need to follow all the instructions though and miracles will happen!"
"Alex  managed to take my night club and restaurant to a new whole level within a record time. He is  meant for entrepreneurs who love  working hard and fast in a demanding mode, but this is the way he delivers in what he does."

"At first I went to meet Alex for a relationship issue I was in for years that I thought I had to fix but he had me focusing on my career instead and 1 year later I am in a dreamy financialy situtation and I also met a new awesome guy who loves me like a queen!"

What Are You Getting With This VIP Session Today?

Enroll today and be ahead of everyone.
  • You are purchasing a REAL Live session that is focused on YOU and it has phenomenal transformational abilities.
  • Set & Conquer big goals and overcome physical and mental challenges with a vast variety of tools and methods.
  • Tune Up your emotional intelligence and endurance.
  • Discover your potential and probabilities via your natal and human design chart analysis.
  • Get a custom training program 3-12 month duration, tailored on your personal character attributes and dreams.
  • Create fantastic relationships and friendships that last.
  • Manifest a miraculous life full of spectacular moments.

VIP coaching session

2 hour advanced coaching & support session*(more info below).
Customize your needs, from Personal Counseling & Support,
Project Management, to Luxury VIP services
Price: €4999
price including VIP team: €5999**

Get this 2 hour* VIP session and benefit from our services such as MultiEntry® Personal Counselling & Support, Pulsative Reiki® Massage, ROOT® & R.O.P® methods of Subconscious Reprogramming or even get a quick "readaptation" counseling session as a returning customer. Your breakthrough is guaranteed.

What you get:

-One personal Live or Skype session
-2 services included
-Custom 3 month program by request
+IamFree Team services
+Terms & Conditions Apply

VIP Advanced 1 Year Program

This is the Ultimate Package for those who seek real personal transformation.
Two sessions each month for one intense life-changing year. 
 Price: €119.000 +Team Services

Get ready to change or upgrade your life and business, with this 1 year VIP advanced coaching program. Get to know and use all of our personal methods and techniques based on the latest most advanced personal development reseraches and just leave your psychosomatic transformation in our hands.

What you get:

-24 unique sessions that will
completely transform YOU and your life.
-ALL services included.
-Custom 12 month coaching program 
-Daily support (Phone call or via online messaging)***
+IamFree Team services (included for free)
+Terms & Conditions Apply